Zara Noor Abbas’s TED Talk  Made One Million Mark On Youtube!

Zara Noor Abbas the not so khamosh Haseena has become an integral part of Pakistani entertainment industry in the shortest span ever. Apart from being the daughter of Actress Asma Abbas and niece of Bushra Ansari, Zara owns her own identity. A girl with struggle and a girl with hope graced TED Talk Lahore with moto to give back to the society.

Moreover, the latest turn in the story is the youtube milestone achieved in just some months. Zara’s TED Talk reached one million views on youtube.

Remember when you last gave back? Learn it Zara way! The first part of her talk was about the struggle she did for surviving in the society. Also, she talked about permissions she wanted to set her self-free. Zara had a passion for the screen, and with her appearances on screen, we believe her. Even she aims to do theatre, and that’s what she mentioned in her TED talk. Also, her fear was her dad, who later became her biggest strength. In her previous interviews we heard her saying “Abba raazi nahe thay, phir progressive feild dekh kar mujhay ijazaat mil he gae”



It seems easy from outside but surely is tough from inside. Even for Zara with her mother working as in Actress, it wasn’t easy for her to make her father realize the sensitivity of her thoughts and her passion. Later, in the second part, Zara took a turn towards her marriage and explained how Asad played an important role. According to Zara with Asad, she knew what was important to her.

And in the end, she raised the power of decision she made, her life was roller coaster way back. Also the disasters she chooses for herself and came out stronger.


Watch Zara’s talk here: