Will Ujala’s family know about Safeer’s job? – Aas episode 23 review

In drama serial, Aas episode 23 Safeer borrows some money from his brother Fareed and goes to a shop to buy a dress for Ujala. There he meets Hania. They exchange a few words and Hania helps him in choosing a dress for Ujala. Their little conversation leaves a long impact on both.

As the story moves on, Safeer’s father is very upset as he short on cash and he has to pay the installment. He talks to Fareed about the matter but as usual, his wife makes a huge fuss out of it. Ujala’s family is willing to invite Safeer’s family to dinner and Sajjid wants to discuss further about the wedding.

Safeer has lost his job, he is working at a local pizza shop and his in-laws don’t know about it. How will Ujala and her family react to Safeer’s new job? Will they know about it or Safeer will hide it from them? Will Safeer and Hania cope up again?

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