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Is there any justice left for courageous Maryam Pereira in TvOnePk serial #MaryamPereira. Watch Tonight!



As a father Hakim Khan thought to invest in the land as he wanted Ali to enjoy his life with the money he will get in his share, instead, Ali chooses to destruct Hakim Ali’s plan. Though Hakim announced death sentence to Maryam, he warned her to get the community out of the land, since the Khan clan planned to fire the land, and on the other hand Maryam was set free after Ali watching Sadiq Khan’s attempt to molestation.


Moreover, Sadiq Khan planned to fire the community land, moreover, Ali announced nikkah with Maryam Pereira and took her to the court. Now Sadiq Khan knows the rules to grab Ali referring to Phool Bibi, and the Jirgah will announce the imprisonment.

How will Maryam Pereira winch the situation, find out today. Watch Maryam Pereira tonight at 8pm only on TvOnePk