PrimeTime Picks: Dramas To Watch This Week On TvOne

PrimeTime Picks: Dramas To Watch This Week On TvOne

April 16, 2018 | 3105 Views

Our picks from the best primetime drama serials airing this week on TvOne are…

Tu Jo Nahi –

The growing connection amongst Nisha and Ahsan met a sudden move when Ahsan saw her with Sameer, in any case, Nisha takes Sameer simply her other cousins. However, Ahsan tries to dig by provoking a conflict.

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Aadat TvOne –

It is not the defeat that destroys you, it’s the efforts that triggers your defeat; It’s impossible for Sana and Farhan to accept their defeat, and to make Minaal conscious about her genuine decision Farhan tries to manipulate her position. Will Sana and Farhan be able to build a split between Minaal and Azar?

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Karamat-e-Ishq –

What’s more painful for Mohsin Shah? When Alishba whom he trusted disowned him for her lust or his brother who desires to get along with his brother’s lover.
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Ghughi –

Just like the other random memories that hurt Nirmala ‘s sentiment Rasheed got her fictitious identity engraved on her soul. What goes around it definitely comes around, Deewan Chand thought he successfully faked Nirmala’s death but the lost strings met when Choti unveils the truth.

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Seep –

Apart from Nawab Sahb ‘s attitude and Zaib ‘s innocence, the episode had everything to fret about, however, last episode it was heart-wrenching for Zaib and Adan, because their planning went into vain when Appa from London rejected Adan for her son. Perhaps Nawab Shab tried hard to force but she was never impressed with Adan’s uneducated and under confident personality. Now, it looks like a ray of hope for both Bilal and Dure Adan, and we might get to see them together

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