Wedding Scoop: Celebrity Groom Muneeb Butt’s Dance Will Give Your Major Love Goals!

Celebrity groom Muneeb Butt was up in arms last evening as it was his wedding day and without keeping calm he danced all the way to the stage.


Since Aineeb’s wedding was the most awaited event, and fans went crazy watching pictures from the events, there were some stalkers who hated the fact that why these celebrities are spending a lot on their wedding rather than donating the same amount.



While Muneeb said it the biggest event of his life, Aiman heatedly replied: “It is our wedding and people have no right to judge us for anything! You guys are obviously not happy enough.”



The pair then unveiled the wedding look last evening and opened them for discussions on social media.



Later, Muneeb set the dance floor on fire when he did the traditional wedding Bhangra, It goes without saying that the boy is one of the most stunning actors and a perfect match for Aiman and the video is yet another proof of it.

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