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Sharjeel uncle nips the last bud in the Asad’s life recommending him to re-marry. Sana and Asad are living together, even the society are pointing fingers.  Will Sharjeel uncle be able to make Asad agree to tie the knot with Sana? Watch tonight!



Has Sharjeel uncle done enough with Zeba and Sana? As it’s getting difficult for Sana! We think Sana and Asad are being forced to get married so that they get make their living legal. Like Sharjeel uncle who almost cleared all his debts in absence of Zeba.

Since Zeba isn’t able to get up on her own, the senior Dr working at the Rehab is trying to get Zeba back to life. Zeba’s Dr Zahid is married with a kid, his wife is quite upset with Zeba and Zahid’s association. Dr Zahid wants to give his best in Zeba’s case, ignoring the fuss his wife is creating in Zeba’s presence. And now, she wants a divorce. And watching Zeba recover she thinks her husband would fall for Zeba. Needless to say, doctors are bound to serve patients, and keeping family near to rehab is the worst idea implemented in the case.



On the other hand, Asad and Sana are losing with the discussions in the society. How will Sana get rid of the idea of marrying Asad proposed by the stepmom? Find out here!

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