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Tragedies are in order for Pereira family! The pair is expecting their first child Jenny and Peter continued to hate each other against betrayal. However, Saqid Khan continues to trouble Christian colony! Peter and Sadiq Khan joined hands to trouble Pereira family and began to rash Maryam’s character for the sake of property.



Ali, Hakim Khan’s son and Pereira’s colleague joined Peter and Sadiq Khan and caught Maryam weeping since Sadiq Khan knew he had to elaborate Ali’s character as Hakim Khan’s son he made sure Maryam gets to know that Ali is against Christian colony.



Moreover, Sadiq Khan trolled Ali and managed to seed hatred in Maryam’s mind. Also, Ali tried well to settle Maryam but she left thinking that Hakim Khan must have sent Ali in Maryam’s life to trouble her even more! On one hand Maryam is trying to save Jenny’s character and Peter’s betrayal and on the other hand, she lost a good friend! How will Maryam survive, will she sacrifice Christian colony? Find out tonight!



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