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Compatibility is a sense of humour, being able to laugh together; That’s very important and we are witnessing both Daniyal and Imaan having a great time together. It is said that negative poles attract each other, but we are watching negative personalities attracting each other for the first time.



The episode began with Fasih getting irritated with Imaan spending her most of time in anger, and she doesn’t bother to mingle with his phupho and sister to which Imaan replied that she will leave Fasih very soon, as she never liked and his personality is underrated! On the other hand, Daniyal is trying his best to provoke Rabiya so that she can ask her phupho for divorce.



Daniyal and Imaan are planning to spend life together, even Imaan has expressed her feelings for Daniyal before her mother, and she waiting for a chance to get rid of Fasih, even Daniyal is waiting for Rabiya to get frustrated, even demand a divorce. Will Daniyal and Imaan Live Happy Ever After In Kasak Rahay Ge? Find out tonight in #KasakRahayGe tonight at 8 pm only on TvOne.