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Hakim Khan vs Ali, the father, son duo is expected to pathways for Maryam Pereira. As a father Hakim Khan thought to invest in the land as he wanted Ali to enjoy his life with the money he will get in his share, instead, Ali chooses to destruct Hakim Ali’s plan.



In the 13th episode, Hakim Ali warns Maryam Pereira to offer him Christian community’s land, however, Maryam didn’t bother to influence from the false threats and ignored Hakim Ali, instead went to Ali and inquire about the case. Since Ali tried hard to resolve Hakim Khan’s in talks, he refused to listen to Ali’s thoughts for once and warns him to stay away from the matter. On the other hand, Ali’s fiance is creating a lot of fuss and sends his father to finalize the deeds with Ali’s family!



Since Ali didn’t want to meet the jirgah, he stayed away from the gathering and left everything on Hakim Khan and Sadiq Khan, but the jirgah announced Ali’s marriage with Phool Bibi, whether he wants to accept her or not!

Now, Ali wants to marry Maryam Pereira, and she isn’t responding to his proposal, neither Ali wants to marry Phool Bibi. Moreover, while spending time on the trip Ali and Maryam were caught together in the same room and for Baloch Sardars, it’s very shameful for there to be daughter in law to get exposure. And to protect Ali from Maryam Pereira, Hakim Khan insulted Maryam before the same jirgah, and announced the death penalty, what will happen next?

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