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Ro Raha Hai Dil character Zoya and Humayun recently tied the knot in the serial and fans are not quite happy about Zoya weds Humayun, as they expected Zoya to marry Ahad, instead!

With it all not being so secretive, we couldn’t help Zoya and Ahad but wish Zoya happiness after the big step. Although Zoya expressed her guilt before Ahad, she couldn’t manage to ditch Humayun, also Mariam tried to stop her as she knew Humayun was one marrying Zoya. The story made a literal U-turn last night where everyone expected Mariam to open about Humayun, and Zoya marrying Ahad.



Moreover, Zoya phuphu urges to cut connections with Zoya and the Shah family. Although Zoya’s phuphu has negative charact in the Ro Raha Hai Dil, we felt bad for her last night, her son Ahad likes Zoya and Zoya rejected him for Humayun. Now, Zoya has only Humayun on her side. Also, we can’t even predict how long this marriage will last.



Good wishes! Zoya started a new chapter of her life with Daud Shah’s prayers and her Ammo’s memories, with a little doubt, how will Humayun handle shattered Zoya, will he change himself for the sake of Zoya’s love or he will continue with flirty nature?

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