TV One Web-Exclusives | Lahooti Melo 2019 | Highlights
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TV One Web-Exclusives | Lahooti Melo 2019 | Highlights

TV One Web-Exclusives | Lahooti Melo 2019 | Highlights

Lahooti Melo 2019 at Sindh University

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The fourth edition of Lahooti Melo, which blends musical performances and academic discourse on the music and social issues, commenced in Sindh University in Jamshoro district on Saturday.

Dedicated to the #MeToo movement, the two-day event kicked off with yoga by Yogi Kamal Kumar who briefly explained participants about maintaining balance between mind, body and soul before leading them to an exercise.

As many as 13 sessions took place on the first day, which included talks, documentaries and musical performances by Project Zil, Sketches, Saresh and Lahoot, Veru Shan, Fahad Ahmed and Jeem Se Jafar were scheduled on the first day.

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