Trending Nail Colours for the Year 2020

Trending Nail Colours for the Year 2020

Worried about what colour nail polish to use and when? We do not blame you. the race for the best trends in nail colour is on its peak. We pick out some of the best nail colours to suit everyone. No more Nail Colour woes, just read on for the choicest of picks this year and season from the ones we’ve chosen.

What you have to consider first is the complexion and shape of your hands. Accordingly, choose the trending colours to match the shape you get your nails done.

Order of the Pink

If you have medium slender fingers you will surely opt for either the oval long nail cut adorned by a double coat of non chipping subtle pink for that Barbie kind of look. Pink because it goes with your medium slender fingers and your age as well. make sure to apply a good nail primer if your nail polish does not include one. most of the good brands that are available have a non abrasive additive in them therefore you won’t then need any primer.

you have a choice between the conventional nail polish or to choose a more expensive polish stick. for most the brush nail polish works well enough. The colour choice for this trend speaks volumes about your personality. You are a vibrant sophisticated and yet fun loving person. The shade is a wear both for the office and home and is a good all occasion varnish. you might want to consider a fixative to give permanence to the polish if you do dabble in some house work. This trendy shade goes with more or less all sorts of attires.


Call of the Copper Rose

Serious minded to the point and reflecting a class of sophistication is the all time shimmering copper rose nail varnish. needless of the shape of hand and nails the shade changes with the kind of light it is subject to. it is often the choice of serious working women both at office and home. adorn this trendy copper shade with a mild nail polish reflector for a glossy and unbeatable look.

In the past the colour was used only by the mature woman but as the trends evolve it has become a choice for even younger females. It is a good colour complimenting your lip gloss and the attire you have donned. Ideal for night occasions or the dress code events you may want to pick this colour.

Turquoise Blue

Back from the 1960s is the Tiffany Turquoise blue tint. The nail colour was broadly famous for its sans-borders look back in the 2000s. This is a nail colour that is a choice for the female of any age. The shade is preferred as it can be worn on any shape and length of the nails. the choice for a good variety of dressings the turquoise colour compliments any complexion or even a tan.

easily available everywhere you may want to mix and match your attire and jewelry with it. a good trend to take up this Summer/Fall Season.



Natural Pink

The choice for a busy working woman, the subtle slight pink colour is a popular choice amongst office going ladies who prefer the subtlety of the pink with its meaningful application as it is closest to her natural makeup. nothing bright about the colour, the subtle pink is a serious shade of the pink family and is a trendy one this year. The colour is not confined to season or occasions. It is an adoring varnish which is good in combination with almost any form of dressing. it has the bling of the shiny pink and is picking up during the trends for this year. Suits any nail cut but is best on short or square cut nails. If you want to apply this shade on oval nails then you might get a gloss along with the nail polish.


The Bold One

Fuchsia is somewhat a bold and bright nail colour which accentuates the experimental side of the wearer. it is widely used by a number of younger women as it sports a partying glint. Not just confined to the younger ones we have seen in the recent year a good number of big girls wearing this bold colour as well.

The Fuchsia is very well known for its fun and frolic colour glint and suits best with that stiletto dressing and sharp nails. An all girls night out fave the shade is quickly becoming a trend these days.

Coral Orange Tint 

Coral shades have been a primary choice of females since years now. Coral shades have been in trend because of their tropical shades which are desired by a horde of ladies due to the variety in their shades. The orange tinted coral shade is trending similarly to the Turquoise this year because of its revival. It suits almost every nail shape and is a fave for outdoorsy. not just confined to the outdoors the coral orange may be matched with a good slight lip gloss and natural contoured makeup.

Good to go with any flowing or casual dressing you will surely find it an appealing choice.


The Off Beat Choice

Although the goth colours are not in or out of trend but we thought just to include the varied shades of black, burgundy and goth blue.


Going Goth

The Goth is a choice of a more dominant and woman of authority. Not just that it also reflects a certain level of freedom as in the biking girls. Goth colours are a choice every now and then especially with Halloween approaching If you prefer the ‘Maleficent’ look.

You may choose your Goth colour according to your, piercings, hair dye, tattoos and attire. Strongly associated with either the music and behind the scenes movie making crew the Goth has picked up in recent years. Just recently, the Goth Nail colour has been taken on by women of substance portraying a sign of freedom. Choose well before delving into the Goth colours. They are a good combination with darker shades and short cut hair. On other end the Goth colour is analogous to the arts we already spoke about!  Goth Artsy?