Top & Most Watched Remedies On TV ONE This Year Are….

Many home remedies can help improve your daily regime, be it acne or sores. Home remedies for a better lifestyle include gentle herbal creams and gels, essential oils, natural supplements, and some simple lifestyle changes, this year TvOne presented you so many useful remedies, which were praised not only by our followers, also got millions of views on TvOne’s youtube.


Here’re Top & Most Watched Remedies On TV ONE This Year!



As Wajid Khan is famous for his creative looks, and celebrity charm, he brought Aap Ka Sahir fans some amazing tips this year, and quick and easy way to apply base was one of them, and available in the attached video below!



OMG! A potato can do wonders, make your skin appealing and alluring with this remedy on our youtube channel! Regardless of whether you bubble it, crush it, or stick it in a stew, the modest potato is a standout amongst the most well-known vegetables on the planet. In any case, notwithstanding being flavorful, did you realize that it’s additionally one of the most beneficial? Truth be told, a crude potato is totally stacked with potassium, thiamin, niacin, and nutrient C. Move over multivitamins since potatoes are here and they’re prepared to fix what upsets us. From migraines to elevated cholesterol, you’ll be stunned to take in all the manners in which you can utilize these spuds to make you solid!



Face masks are just about the best time healthy skin item on the planet. With such a significant number of hues and surfaces to play around with, it’s hard not to need to take a million selfies when you’re wearing one. Be that as it may, confront veils go route past looking cool. Truth be told, confront veils offer genuine healthy skin benefits and that is certainly required with regards to developing a skin. Here on our youtube channel, wrinkle-free mask broke all the previous records, crossing 2M this year.




Every lady wants thick, long, and brilliant hair. From young people to oldies, everybody cherishes their hair in view of the vital job it plays in characterizing one’s face and looks. Tasty hair that has enough sparkle, length, and quality is the thing that everybody endeavours to accomplish. Shockingly, hair fall, balding, and weakened hair development are regular hair issues that individuals confront. Rushed ways of life, contamination, and corrupted hair care items are at fault. In the event that you need a compelling, safe, and simple answer for your hair development issues, this video can encourage you.




Skin tightening after crossing 30’s, seriously no win! Maturing skin can be such a gathering pooper! As you age, a few skin-related issues begin to create. Your skin begins creating less oil, which makes it dry and droopy. Who might need to have such skin? To maintain a strategic distance from this, you should begin avoiding potential risk since the beginning. Different outer and interior elements, for example, age, introduction to the sun, air contaminations, synthetic substances in skincare items, and an unfortunate eating regimen, can specifically influence the strength of your skin. Dryness, drooping, wrinkles, and barely recognizable differences create and are normally joined by bluntness. You have to pursue a legitimate everyday practice to keep your skin shining, sound, and hang free. Watch the video on our youtube channel!