Top 5 Celebrities Who’ve Made Their Mark in Styling This Year!

Television stars, In addition to impacting groups of onlookers through their work on the small screen, have additionally turned towards making their quality known in the design world. In cutting-edge Pakistani Entertainment Industry, a group in which the business and its individuals are universally known, numerous big names are, notwithstanding their essential vocations in TvOne dramas, foraying into mould structuring and propelling their very own lines. From ruling performing artists, to on point looks, these 5 celebrities made their mark in styling on TvOne this year!


Shahroz Sabzwari in Seep –

Shahroz Sabzwari as Bilal was a good looking young man, Bilal is an honest character and loyal soul. He loves Durre e Adan very much and will do anything for her sake. While he is well behaved and respectful, he also has a restless, impulsive nature! The character required to look intellectual.


So Shahroz carried a very sophisticated look, with decent specs, jackets, subtle coloured shirts and pull over, which looked very decent and appealing on screen.


Sehar Afzal in Tu Jo Nahi –

Nisha was a pretty, sweet-natured and obedient character. Her good nature and tolerance are tested and her looks were supposed to be on point, as she had to play a love triangle and both leads were interested in the character,

Moreover, Sehar looked perfect in the character, well dressed and mature suiting the role, thus we kept in the list of on-point looks this year!

Kiran Haq in Naulakha –

Kiran Haq as Shafaq, Submissive girl who is unable to fight for herself. Studies at home and is fond of cooking and reading. The skilled girl had to look good on screen, as her mother looks any less than a diva, Shafaq’s character is moulded in a way that she looks traditional, yet fashionable. Very much influencing our young audience! Her gharara pants, pleaded shirts and gold studded dupattas are so perfect.


Asad Siddiqui Ro Raha Hai Dil –

Asad Siddiqui As Humayun Ali. Smooth Talker With A Devious Personality. Extremely Ambitious And Ruthless in Getting What He Wants. His killer looks are always on point, Zoya the opposite lead got impressed with her presence, rather judging his character. Asad’s styling is very on-point, decent and his specs are extremely trendy!



Ahsan Khan in Maryam Pereira –

Ahsan Khan as Ali. The highly educated young man who is a professor in Maryam’s college. Cheerful, cultured and always ready to support the oppressed. Despite his feudal lineage Ali is totally against tribal customs and believes education is the only way to progress. Highly impressed with Maryam’s character, he falls in love with her and stands by her side when she is threatened by evil forces. To maintain both looks Ahsan wore trendy jackets and contrasting white Balochi traditional suiting! Have a look.


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