Investing into jewelry is not everyone’s art, It’s a saying that jewelry has the power to be the one little thing that makes you feel unique, also when it comes to styling, jewelry is the only thing that needs to be sorted first agreed?


So, this year when we talk about jewelry we got to see some very expensive pieces worn by both Pakistani and Indian celebrities, some cost more than a million bucks, and others were just a little lesser.

Here are the top five expensive jewelry pieces which caught every eye this year!


Urwa’s traditional Twick!



Everything by Samar, for which Urwa walked this season, wearing a beautifully embellished neck piece look worth a million, Urwa stunned the audience by keeping her hands on the belly, and then the aunty brigade said! Is she pregnant?


Aineeb’s most expensive affair!



What did we expect from the couple, when it came out as the most lavish wedding of the season. Aiman wore seven different pairs of neck pieces which will almost cost a kidney if you plan to save for your wedding! Though Aineeb faced the worst bashing ever, we do adore the everything happened at the wedding, specially these neck pieces! What do you think?






Though Sarah’s wedding didn’t catch the limelight as Aineeb’s, we think her wedding neck piece was just amazing! It was gold with pearls and a long mala, the choker was intricate that we can’t take our eyes off, can you?



Last but not least of course! Minal Khan’s beautiful emerald studded necklace, which she wore on Aiman’s Nikah party, the necklace is matte in type, embellished with emerald stones, and definitely very expensive


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