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Mukurati Morning – 17 February 2020

In today’s episode of Muskarati Morning hosted by Sahir Ali Lodhi, Nazia Malik, Fatima Zara Malik, and Mathira we had different segments. Continue reading to know what happened in today’s episode. The show started with its first segment Pehli Baat in which Sahir Lodhi sang a beautiful song and as usual, people admired it. Then […]

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Muskurati Morning – 13 February 2020

TvOne is privileged to have Sahir Lodhi as a host of its very own morning show “Muskarati Morning” which is aired on TvOne, every morning, Monday to Friday at 9 A.M to 1 P.M. In this show we have different informative segments, each of 15 minutes (approx.) Sahir Lodhi is one of the most famous […]

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You might be dieting, but in the wrong way

You might be dieting but in the wrong way. There is a myth that you lose weight if you skip meals. Say a big NO to such myths, if you skip meals you’ll get weak resulting in falling sick and taking medicines and it is a long list. 3 meals per day are the ideal […]

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