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Hania slaps Rizwan – Episode 25 Review

In drama serial Aas, episode 25 Rizwan plots to insult Safeer. When Safeer reaches there, Rizwan insults him and make fun of him which becomes unbearable for Hania and she slaps him. On the other hand Ujala gets engaged to her second cousin who is in abroad but he has not made his entry in […]

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Ujala calls off the engagement – Aas Episode 24 Review

In drama serial Aas, episode 24, Rakshi being the negative character, informs Ujala that Safeer has lost his job and Ujala further discusses it with her family. Since Ujala’s mother was already not so interested in this proposal so she breaks the engagement. On the other hand, Hania is not happy with Rizwan, she keeps […]

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Money vs. Love – Review of Drama Serial Aas episode 21

Episode 21 of Drama serial Aas starts with regretful atmosphere. Afzal is very guilty and he apologize Safeer for his act. On the other hand, Hania is not happy with Rizwan.   Read More: HINA ALTAF SHARES AN AMAZING WEIGHT LOSS TIP As the episode goes on, Ujala’s mother is not happy with Safeer. She is […]

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Tit for tat – Aas episode 20 review

So tit for tat, finally Hania came to know that Rizwan helped Afzal in getting that job and now Hania is giving a second thought to her relation with Rizwan. On the other hand, Ujala’s distant aunt came from Canada and is asking for Ujala’s hand. Ujala’s mother is hesitating but latter she is also […]

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Dignity of labor – Aas episode 18 review

The first scene of drama serial Aas sets an example regarding Justice by God. Afzal got this job by fraud although Safeer was the deserving candidate. Hence Afzal is much tensed because he is not able to perform like he should be performing and his job is at risk. On the other hand, Safeer’s uncle […]

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