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Coronavirus: Home Care and Precautions

Coronavirus has killed up to many people, globally.  This is the reason why Sindh Government has imposed Lock down in the city. Government is doing its duty so we are also bounded to act as a responsible citizen. We are supposed to take care of our homes and stay clean as much as we can. […]

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In today’s episode of Muskurati Morning hosted by Sahir Ali Lodhi and Nazia Malik we had different segments. Continue reading to know what happened in today’s episode. The show Muskurati Morning started with its first segment Pehli Baat in which Sahir Lodhi sang a beautiful song and as usual, people admired it. Then in its […]

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Coronavirus: Updates and Precautions

887 coronavirus cases have been reported till Tuesday (24 March 2020). Pakistan is experiencing a complete lockdown in every part! This is a very good initiative taken by the government. Chief Minister Usman Buzdar confirmed the number of cases reported in his tweet. Learn more: A NEW BACTERIA DISCOVERED – CORONAVIRUS Implementation on #SocialDistancing guidelines will […]

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A new bacteria discovered – Coronavirus

The term Coronavirus has derived from a Latin word Corona, which means crown. Under an electronic microscope, this virus resembles the solar corona.   It is a disease that is being circulated in mammals including birds and even humans! According to research, MERS-CoV is transmitted from a type of camel to humans and SARS-CoV is […]

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