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Muhabbat Khel Tamasha | Episode 15 | Review

Drama Serial Muhabbat Khel Tamasha, Episode 15 has unfolded many new events. Mariam’s mother in law in not treating her well, since the day Mariam has married Sikandar. On the other hand, Sikandar himself gets a little annoyed by Mariam. Innocent Mariam’s mother gets informed by a friend of her that Sikandar’s mother is an […]

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Who Kidnapped Mariam? – Muhabbat Khel Tamasha Episode 9 Review

Drama Serial Muhabbat Khel Tamasha is getting interested by every passing episode. It has been two days, Mariam is still kidnapped. Whoever kidnapped Mariam is taking good care of her, but he is still known. Kidnappers demanded ransom. Mariam made an attempt to escape but she couldn’t. It was suspected that Sikandar’s father was involved in […]

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Is Sikandar plotting something? Muhabbat Khel Tamasha Episode 4 Review

In episode 4 of Muhabbat Khel Tamasha, Sikandar has clearly refused to marry Tania and on the other hand, Tania’s family is forcing them to get the wedding done as soon as possible. As the story moves on, Sikandar has made his place in Mariam’s family. Everyone in Maryam’s family praises Sikandar. Here comes the […]

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ڈرامہ سیریل محبت کھیل تماشا قسط4: کیا ہوگا تانیہ اور مریم کا مستقبل؟؟؟

ٹی وی ون پر ایک اور شاہکار ڈرامہ سیریل محبت کھیل تماشا کی چوتھی قسط نشر کی گئی، اس ڈرامہ میں ایک ایسی لڑکی کی کہانی دیکھائی گئی ہے جو کہ بلڈر مافیا کے خلاف آواز بلند کرتی ہے۔  ڈرامہ کی نئی نشر ہونے والی قسط میں مریم کے ذہن میں یہ بات چل رہی […]

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Muhabbat Khel Tamasha | Episode 3 | Review

In 3rd episode of Drama serial Muhabbat Khel Tamasha Sikandar becomes a heroic person in front of Maryam’s father by saving his life. Maryam is shocked as well as pleased with Sikandar, on the other hand Sikandar is not willing to get married to his finance Tania. Tania is tensed as Sikandar is continuously ignoring […]

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