Summer Serum for Combination Skin

Summers always comes with scorching heat wave. This heat wave becomes hazardous for skins. Few people have to go through oily skin and pimples. For this purpose, today we’ll reveal a serum which will help girls in getting their skin perfect along with no oily and pimples skin

Let’s get started with summer serum for combination skin

You need few simple ingredients for your serum. It is a very simple yet easy recipe.


Carrier Oil

Essential Oil

A clean bottle


In a clean bottle, add 2 ounces of Carrier Oil

Then add essential oil and mix it.

Give it a good mix and it is ready!

You only need a drop for each part of your face. Take a drop on your chin, forehead, and cheeks and gently massage it.

Don’t forget your neck.


How often you should apply serum?

Apply it after you wash your face in morning

Apply it before makeup

You can use it as a toner