Seep Episode 1: A captivating start of an intriguing story –

Seep Episode 1: A captivating start of an intriguing story –

March 10, 2018 | 3624 Views

Seep began with Shaista Abbas ‘s alluring glimpse, Shaista who is Meera Jee’s younger sister holds a distinct personality. However, Shaista is playing Dure Adan in Seep, who is a granddaughter of Nawab ‘Usman Peerzada’ and lives with her phuppo ‘Sana Fakhar’ . Dure Adan and his dada abba live an old haveli which Nawab sahb dreams to renovate. Perhaps his Munshi visits him in the first episode ad explores the haveli. In a conversation with Munshi, Nawab gets to know about his son who is now a young man and applying for the university. All in all Nawab and Dure Adan seems to be living an ordinary life with a tag of being nawab and nawab zaadi nothing else.



Seep, an intriguing story progressed with the introduction of the characters. And managed to build viewers interest in the first episode. Apart from Dure Adan and her Phuppo, there’s another female character Summaya who is a daughter of a tailoress and holds an engaging personality and distant from Dure Adan.



Abba Miyan, who tried to control Dure Adan and his daughter is losing his discipline. And regrets his decisions. However Dure Adan isn’t happy with the restrictions he made and wants to step out of her comfort zone, even she isn’t allowed to make friends and read the book. That’s quite odd and puzzling. Will Dure Adan be able to control her thoughts or will she dominate her grandfather’s conventional decisions?

All in all the first episode of Barkat Siddiki’s seep managed to impress the audiences while distressing for Nawab Shab and his family. Will Nawab Shab be able to regain his dominion?

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