The wedding of Muneeb Butt and Aiman Khan is expected to be as magnificent as an event can get however the Nikah event was as huge as the expected D day!


The couple had several discussions with their respective friends and designer about what to wear and decided to go with a traditional look so far! And their Nikah outfits were hardcore traditional

Since Aiman and Minal are known for wearing the best ever, Muneeb Butt is also following their footsteps. We saw Muneeb slaying Deepak & Fahad at the Nikah event which was as alluring as Aiman’s outfit.



November 2nd, the celebrations kick-started in Karachi and will go on for the mid of this month with various parties and functions including the bridal shower, groom shower, dholkis presided over by good friends and cousins.


“Needless to say, the arrangements are all top class! With the kind of planning Minal Khan has come up with for her twin sister and brother in law including the decor, the food and the flow and the ambience, this is going to be one wedding everyone will remember for years.”

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