Saiyaan Way | Episode 27 | Promo | TV One Drama


Saiyaan Way | Episode 27 | Promo | TV One Drama

Saiyaan Way Episode 27 Promo TV One Drama 26 November 2018 on TV One Official YouTube Channel

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Cereal Entertainment Company Presents

Cast: Imran Patel, Adil Murad, Kiran Tabeer, Inaya Sheikh, Farhad Fareed, Hafsa Butt, Shehzad Raza and others.

Head of Content: #TV1 Shehwar Rahim
Director: Mehfooz Alam Qureshi
Writer: Dilshad Naseem
Executive Producer : Seema Taher Khan
Producers : Adnan Siddiqui, Akhtar Hasnain

One Liner:
3 Girls. Surrounded by intense jealousy, family intrigue and a thirst for Revenge”.

Qirat, Amber and Zobiya are 3 innocent, motherless sisters living with their father. Each one has her own dreams. But when the Evil tries to blackmail them, Qirat takes a painful decision.
Now all of them are caught in a web of deceit and Qirat is blamed for it.
Will the handsome Shahvez who loves Qirat be able to save her?
Or will she be helped by the mature Wahaj who desires her?

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