Sahir Dance Aap Ka Competition Season 2 – The Elimination Day Highlights

Sahir Dance Aap Ka Competition Season 2 – The Elimination Day Highlights

December 6, 2017 | 3603 Views

With the sizzling performance of Maan Alina and Bilal, Sahir Lodhi opened his show with his illustrious presence. The competition began with an important message of harmony conveyed by the host himself, the concept of this competition is unity & consonance. Forty-two participants across Pakistan travelled for the victory with wisdom and dedication.

So, are you ready to choose the talented dancing champion of Pakistan? Perhaps, the mentors are totally indulged in their teams and supporting the sportsman spirit Maan Alina and Bilal are competing against each other.


Team Mastane & Deewane are divided equally into two halves, and the respective judges are primed for their glorified gig. Kiran Khan, Faisal Naqvi, Sadaf Lagahri and panellist choreographers are granted the authority of elimination, however, eliminations are never static, we are expecting the kids to react, but their positive gestures and attitude can help them accelerate victory.

Waving the flags, the participant entered Aap Ka Sahir Season 2 set along with their team mentors, however, Sahir looked a bit tensed maybe due to the elimination and competition heat, perhaps his idea of a different show moulded the participation into an unusual harmonious competition warmth.


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