Ro Raha Hai Dil In Review: Will Ahad be able to save Zoya from Humayun?

What goes around comes back, Fareeda is suffering from a rare disease, as Zoya’s ammo suffered the same disease Fareeda talked rubbish around her back and now facing the same issue. In last night’s episode, Ayesha forces Ahad to take action against Humayun before it’s too late.



Since Zoya and Ahad had a major fight over Daud Shah’s illness and the medication, Ahad thinks Humayun has filled her mind with negative thoughts. In the first segment of Ro Raha Hai Dil’s second last episode Zoya tries to make Humayun feel better so he can go to the office and work, instead, he started misbehaving with Zoya and found out that Daud Shah visited the office and the secretary to keep him out. Now Daud Shah knows Humayun’s reality, even Pinky Khala remembered that Humayun scammed her while she was with her husband in abroad.



Will Daud Shah and Pinky Khala be able to fight against Humayun? Watch Ro Raha Hai Dil’s last episode on Monday at 8 pm only on TvOnePk