In Review Ro Raha Hai Dil – Will Ayesha forget Humayun and move on?

Great performances by Mariam Ansari (Ayesha) and

Sonia Mishal (Zoya) makes us want to see Ro Raha Hai Dil every week.



Monday is a day when everyone faces blues, and the only thing which makes us put up their feet and simply enjoy something light is our Monday favourite Ro Raha Hai Dil. Fifteen episodes down, the story seems pretty much complicated and tangled enough. Last night’s episode had a slow start but caught the pace with Mariam Ansari and Sonia Mishal’s sequences.


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Even though Mariam (Ayesha) and Sonia (Zoya) don’t have such intense scenes with each other, but the connections Humayun have with both give us chills. At the moment Humayun is engaged with Zoya but it’s her younger Khala played brilliantly by Wasti who has always been against Humayun and Zoya’s relationship and wants Zoya to forget Humayun like us!


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Now if you ever thought Humayun can easily make fool of Zoya’s feelings, you were wrong! There are well wishers of Zoya, it’s just Pinky Khala has this memory loss and she can’t remember where exactly she interacted with Humayun, but there’s something she knows, and that’s the supposed climax!



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With Mariam living in Ahad’s house, and he is searching her family with Pinky Khala’s blurry clues we have to accept that Humayun with meet the defect soon! However, Ahad’s detest to Zoya or Humayun’s rush can change the game completely.

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