In Review Ro Raha Hai Dil : Trapped Zoya is Trying To Get Rid of Humayun!

Zoya and Humayun recently tied the knot in the serial and fans are not quite happy with Zoya weds Humayun, trapped Zoya is trying to get rid of Humayun!



Guilty as charged, with it all not being so secretive, we couldn’t help Zoya and Ahad but wish Zoya happiness after the big step. Although Zoya expressed her guilt before Ahad, Zoya who was in love with Humayun is not looking for chances to get out of his trap. Since Ayesha knew Humayun’s trap for Zoya, she hides the reality and left Zoya to endure Humayun’s cruelty. Though Ahad had an idea about Humayun’s nature he chooses to stay quiet. Why? Didn’t he love Zoya or Ahad wanted Zoya to suffer?



Now, Zoya is in Humayun’s trap, as Humayun himself exposed the reality of marrying Zoya. Moreover, Daud Shah has joined the company back and looking at the current situation of the company, he is in extreme doubts!


Will Daud Shah be able to save his daughter or Ahad will have to rescue Zoya? Watch Ro Raha Hai Dil, every Monday at 8 pm only on TvOnePk