In Review Naulakha: Congratulations Shafaq!

Shafaq’s moist eyes and a bag full of dreams, finally Noor Jahan got her daughter hitched with Zain Ali.


It’s a famous saying that doesn’t let two girls fall in love with you, boys. It’s not the sort of things that ends well. Although it’s not the end as yet, Shafaq did turntable for Tehreem marrying Zain Ali. The eighteenth episode started with a bag full of tears and Tehreem’s moist eyes. Also, Tehreem still can’t believe that It’s an end to her happy ever after.


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On one hand, Tehreem didn’t know that it was Shafaq who is getting married to Zain, and on the other hand, she never thought that Shafaq would ever take revenge. However, Shafaq and Noor Jehan played well and proved that once you decide to achieve something, you can get it either by hook or crook, here the hook was given by Tehreem and crooked by Noor Jahan’s plotting. Now, It’s solely up to Zain Ali that he would blindly follow the direction given by Noor Jahan or could make his own way!



Moreover, the fight over Naulakha didn’t end as yet, fans might have thought that Naulakha would meet a climax with Zain and Shafaq’s wedding, instead, it became more intense because Naulkha is with Tehreem and she won’t give it back!


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What do you think should Tehreem give Naulkha back to Shafaq, as she shares the custody, or she should wait for the greed to pour?


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