In Review Maryam Pereira: How will Sadiq Khan react to Ali’s marriage with Maryam Pereira?

It’s been 17 weeks since Maryam Pereira went on air on your favourite Tv channel TvOnePk, and viewers are enjoying the blend of culture and activism. We’ve received such great reviews on TvOnePk ‘s initiative to celebrate the Christian community’s efforts in the betterment of the state. As Pakistan gives it’s minorities a major share in the flag, Chrisitan community is the oldest community supporting Pakistan. In Maryam Pereira, very sensitive issues tweaked audiences, where Maryam Pereira, young Chrisitan girl fights for the rights of her community from Land Mafia.



Land Mafia, the worst fringes of our country is prevailing in the state under influentials, since land mafia wanted to snatch Chrisitan communities oldest property present in the city, Maryam thought to fight for the rights, also failed to maintain her dignity when Hakim Khan’s son Ali came into her life and in the last episode Maryam had to read the vows against the odds. Moreover, marrying Ali isn’t part of Maryam’s future goals, but for her family, she sacrificed her dignity.


As Ali is already committed to Phool BIBI, Sadiq Khan planned to provoke Ali’s family so that they torcher Maryam so that she will force Ali to divorce and accept Phool Bibi. How can a girl force her own husband to marry someone else? It’s not possible in any sense but Hakim Ali has kidnapped Maryam’s brother and to get rid of the chaos the promises Ali’s mother that she will make Ali hate her and marry phool bibi. Will Ali be able to divorce Maryam Pereira to marry phool Bibi? Find out next week.


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