In Review Kasak Rahay Ge: Rabiya vs Imaan!

Rabiya saw Imaan and Daniyal together at the mall and wonder why she thinks Daniyal wouldn’t marry Imaan leaving Rabiya?



Imaan and Daniyal were enjoying their couple time together when Rabiya saw them at the mall, once Rabiya inquired the reason of being them together, Daniyal revealed his relationship with Imaan, where Rabiya kept her lips sealed before Phuphu, as she knew that phuphu will react, and Daniyal might lose his temper!



On the other hand Fasih, who is unaware of Daniyal and Imaan’s budding relationship, although Imaan wanted to disclose her relationship with Daniyal to Fasih, he arrives late and ignores Imaan, and goes to sleep, on the other hand, Rabiya appeals Daniyal that he should think about Sarim, will Daniyal be able to care about Sarim’s feeling, will he rejected Imaan’s proposal for his son?


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