In Review Kasak Rahay Ge: Fasih Vs Daniyal! Will The Glitter Be Gold For Imaan?

Daniyal make you hate everything about selfish men in society, who hit women with their own twig!



Kasak Rahay Ge begins with Rabiya inquiring the future of the relationship with Daniyal. As Daniyal is already very close with Imaan and he has decided to marry Imaan, instead he wants to keep Sarim with Rabiya.



Imaan and Fasih never lived peacefully, now Imaan wants to get rid of Fasih to marry Daniyal. Since Sarim is immature and he wouldn’t understand the details behind Daniyal’s marriage with Imaan, how will he react to Daniyal’s second marriage, will Imaan’s family accept Daniyal’s hand in marriage?

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