In Review: Asad Siddiqui impresses in Ro Raha Hai Dil – Read Here

Asad Siddiqui rules as Humayun. His intriguing and mature acting impresses his fans to the core.

Ruthless and impolite Humayun is married to an innocent soul who is losing hope each passing episode. After marriage, if a girl is not filled with a truck and does not carry the luggage or her father does not make millions of transfers in her account, then it means that your daughter should not be given the honour and place in her in-laws that she has the right. In the latest episode of Ro Raha, Dil audiences were sobbing while watching Humayun’s attitude with his innocent wife just because she doesn’t match his calibre.



Humayun working with Daud Shah is literally absorbing his negativity and Asad is playing a negative character. On the hand Zoya and Ahad relaxed after skipping call band’s live concert, however Zoya opposed the idea and Ahad loved every bit of their dining out. Also, Zoya ain’t leaving any chance to disturb Daud Shah, however, Daud Shah regrets his past and still wants his daughter’s comeback. Although we loved how Zoya felt about her mother’s lifestyle and wanted to relief her soul in the previous episode once again Zoya went to muddle Daud Shah and this when Humayun interacts with Zoya for the first time and tries to build a soft corner. Also, Zoya’s reply that she even want to see him more often. On the other hand, Humayun’s eyes have fallen on her. Will Humayun be able to forget Zoya’s first look or Ahad will come forward to save her from this abusive guy?

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