In Review Adhuri Kahani: Has Zeba completely lost her memory?

Seems like everything is out of control in Adhuri Kahani, Zeba has completely lost her memory after the accident, and doctors are stealing the hope of her recovery!



As Zeba suffered a stroke recently, and a doctor in the emergency room told her family there was nothing he could do. Sana and Asad were devastated. Zeba met an accident couple of weeks ago, then spent weeks resting at the hospital with no hope of recovery. As doctors say the cure impossible, and Asad should spend most of his time with Zeba and try to get her back to life.




Although Sana and Asad are trying their best to make Zeba feel better her condition is getting worse each passing episode, and it’s expected that she wouldn’t get her memory back, also as planned by Sharjeel uncle he will make sure Zeba doesn’t get her memory back because if she does Sharjeel uncle will be the first person going to jail in Adnan’s murder case.



On the other hand, it’s getting difficult for Asad to take care of both Zeba and Sana, also his little daughter who got frightened when Zeba tried to hurt, though Sana was there with her it was so sudden that she couldn’t react at that point but later she asked Asad to see a good doctor for Zeba!

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