Treat Heat Stroke With This Quick & Easy Mint Cooler Recipe

Attention Karachi people there’s a heart stroke alert this weekend and to prevent heat wave we brought you this mint cooler recipe so that you can enjoy your weekend in bliss.

Try this quick and easy mint cooler recipe refreshing summer cooler ahead of lunch.



50 gm mint takes off

Juice of 1 lemon

50 gm pulverized ice

Powdered sugar to taste

50 ml pop

For embellish (discretionary)

Mint takes off

A cut of lemon



In a blender, including mint leaves and 20 gm pulverized ice. Mix well to a fine blend.

In a glass pitcher, include lemon squeeze and powdered sugar.

Strain the mint blend and add it to the pitcher.

When you are prepared to serve, include pop and blend well.

In a tall glass, include staying squashed ice.

Include the readied juice. Check for sweetness.

Embellishment it with mint leaves and lemon serve promptly.


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