Pujaran’s Last Episode- The summary of ‘Realism and Reason’

Pujaran’s Last Episode- The summary of ‘Realism and Reason’

December 6, 2017 | 1300 Views

When you say pujaran the first word which comes to your mind is a reality. If you have been following Pujaran since the very first episode you must have an idea about the hard of team cereal entertainment and director Adnan Wai Qureshi. From Seeta Bagri to Jalti Barish, Cereal Entertainment is on the verge to conquer television screen. The leading character Ramis died in the 11th episode of Pujaran, and that’s where as a viewer we thought the drama serial is fast paced, but the first impression wasn’t our last, the serial progressed in different direction, from the harsh family reality to Haniya and her father’s case the ultimate advantage was on Madiha’s fringe.



Aabis ignored Haniya compassion and focused on the point Madiha raised, however, the story met a twist when Madiha offered Kishwer her hand in marriage for Aabis, and with a guilt of Rami’s death soon after he hooked himself with Madiha, Kishwer was pitty over Madiha’s condition, even Aabis was quite upset after Haniya disperse. Welcoming Madiha with a heavy heart Aabis heard the most important word of his life ‘Fatherhood’ and at that the time of becoming of his son’s birth Aabis felt a sudden shift in Madiha’s life. But where did that shift came from? For those who missed pujaran’s last a few episodes, Madiha’s mother died in the third last episode and since then Madiha faced mental stress, due to which the volcano inside her erupted and Aabis heard her confessing the truth.



Later, in his sense Aabis offered her divorce and went back to Haniya, initially Haniya was hesitant but with Fawad’s support and Aabis regret She managed to accept Aabis apology and offered him the very last chance.

Now, Aabis and Haniya are together, however, Shahid paid a visit to Madiha’s place where he found her unconscious perhaps she failed to gain the fame, and her lust turned tables in the end.