Pujaran Episode 33- Bitter but truth! Madiha blocks her own way

Pujaran Episode 33- Bitter but truth! Madiha blocks her own way

November 8, 2017 | 534 Views

Madiha, the perfect planner lost the game when she received the news of her mother’s health. In the 33rd episode, Madiha’s mother is diagnosed with cancer and her Khala wants her to end the game. But the lust and greed which made her commit sins are taking last breaths. Apart from her financial situations, Madiha wanted to marry a well-settled man, and Shahid was worthless. Later, when Ramis explained her the reason of his struggle and Aabis position Madiha left her hopes of a wealthy lifestyle.


Later, in yesterdays episode Shahid came to help Madiha’s Khala and left them at the hospital, it was his kind gesture that he stayed with the family apart from all the disputes, furthermore Madiha’s Khala claimed that Shahid is like her Bhateja (Brother’s Son) and he is the reason she was able to save her Appa’s life. However, Madiha ignores Shahid and warned him to stay away, as his greed for money can’t get fulfilled any further.

Aabis and Haniya met to finalize property papers, meanwhile, Haniya was busy with Fawad and Areeba celebrating her success as she got a job in the 33rd episode of Pujaran. Haniya planning to raise her child alone received the most shocking news of her life! But how? You might be thinking when did this happen but when Aabis came to meet Haniya he explained his feeling in the most sympatric way that it brought tears to Haniya’s eyes. Later, Aabis declared his final verdict and demanded his child, but Haniya ignoring the conversation waited for Aabis to leave. However, in conversation with Areeba she explained her feelings for Aabis, but Madiha who is currently ruling his heart is intolerable.

Furthermore, in the last segment Shahid and Madiha discussed mother’s case and in a conversation caught hear when Shahid explained the meaning of Ramis’s death and his last words, however listening to what Shahid said Kishwer wanted to inquire about the topic but doctor interrupted them with a heart-wrenching news of cancer.



Now, Madiha is left alone, as money can’t bring her mother’s health back, and she regrets the committed sins, but how will she confess her guilt before Aabis, that’s a little secret which will be out in the upcoming episode, and for the fans we recommend them to stay connected with Pujaran.

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