OMG! These are the most Shocking celebrity transformations of the Year 2018 –

OMG! These are the most Shocking celebrity transformations of the Year 2018 –

February 12, 2018 | 2392 Views

From the day some of our celebrities joined the industry they have made a buzz around them, some are pretty obvious and others are deliberately overdone. In these years we have seen these celebrities going through various surgeries, some changes helped them grow in their field and the other failed to impress the audiences.

In the year 2018, we have witnessed some of the major styling adaptations, and we are more than shocked and as a precedent, we have brought you a weekday blog, and want you to observe the highs and the lows.


Meera Jee :

The most laudable personality of Pakistani media industry went through major styling abscissions but failed to impress the audience with her on-screen presence, however her recent Insta post shocked her fans and her styling gave us some serious fashion goals.


Kubra Khan:

Fans are absolutely stunned at the recent transformation of the most intellectual actress Kubra Khan. Taking to Instagram, Kubra chopped her hairs last week at the neelos beauty bar, and her fans are extremely happy to see her happy face. Since Kubra had that girl next door image, this haircut gave her a major change and apart of her powerful performances, Kubra has managed to create a buzz in telly-town through her haircut.


Ahad Raza Mir –

long hair and weirdo looking guy took a 360 turn and became the headline of major publications. Ahad Raza Mir is a son of veteran actor Asif Raza Mir. Asif himself was the heartthrob of his time, and even now his fans following is as huge as his son’s.  Ahad is currently working on a few mega projected but his old look and his signature style are now long gone!


Resham –

Former lollywood actress Resham has sparked a great fear in her fans, they are unable to digest her recent transformation. Last month her short bob picture went viral and almost every other person cursed her stylist. From recommendations to change her manager to a major backlash, Resham’s Facebook account was flooded with sickly comments.


Priya Prakash:

The social media sensation of the year Priya’s first ever video went viral last night and the majority of her fans doesn’t know the stages of beautifications she went through before her video went out in the market.  Ain’t nobody need a fairness cream when we have social media brigade to make you popular in a day!