Nisha apart from being a carefree person gets emotional last night in Tu Jo Nahi

Nisha apart from being a carefree person gets emotional last night in Tu Jo Nahi

April 17, 2018 | 2751 Views

Tu Jo Nahi picking up the pace with the meltdown of Sehar Afzal as Nisha.

Sehar Afzal starrer Tu Jo Nahi enters into its ninth week and so far we are able to predict the shifts. The story caught pace when rebellious Nisha decides to meet her uncle and his son Sameer. Facing the server backlash Nisha sticks to her decision and visits her maternal family last night.

Tu Jo Nahi a story of well-knitted relations gets unwaved with Sameers acute plans. However, warning her dear Nisha Ahsan got blunt perhaps Nisha has planned her own ways and expected to ignore Ahsan for her Mamu and Sameer.

Struggling to get happiness for her daughter, Nisha’s stepmother warns his dad to let her do anything until Taniya gets hitched with Ahsan. However, Nisha’s father explained the concerns regarding Nisha’s frequent meetups with his maternal family. Do you think Nisha will listen to someone who left her unassisted for years?



Sameer and Nisha’s uncle have planned a prolonged trap and Nisha might get caught in the net without even knowing the real deal. Even Sameer tried to conclude his converstion with Nisha on a set note but she celestially managed to escape from the adverse chat.

Later on the way, Nisha got exteremly late, and missed Ahsan who came to applogize over his behaviour. Although he met Taniya inquiring Nisha’s absence to which her mother told a lie knowing the actual matter. Breaking the news of Sameer’s liking Nisha proposed the idea before Nisha. Will Nisha be able to accept Sameer’s affection?

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