Naulakha In Review: Shafaq and Zain to beg for Nael’s life!

Shafaq and Zain’s first born is suffering from the worst disease, instead Zain say sorry to Tehreem, he is finding ways to get Naulakha back.



In the first scene of the second last episode, Noor Jahan motivates Akbar Ali to get up from the bed and pray for Nael’s condition. Also, Rohail and Qurat become parents for the second time of a baby girl! Even Tehreem agrees to meet Rohail and Qurat her mother tells her that the distance is so wide that she can’t fill on the other hand Tehreem realises that her brother and sister in law are completely against Tehreem and she should consider her friend’s advice.



On the other hand, Anwar Ali ignores Zain’s appeal to get money for Nael’s condition, and to bear the loss Akbar Ali meet the lord, even Anwar Ali bashed Noor Jahan and Zain Ali for manipulating Tehreem and presenting share in Naulakha.

Now, Tehreem wants to get rid of Zain and Naulakha, even she offered Naulakha to get divorced, also Shafaq begged Tehreem to live with Zain Ali and Nael. Will Tehreem accept Safaq’s proposal?

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