Muskurati Morning By Sahir Lodhi – 11 February 2020

TvOne is privileged to have Sahir Lodhi as a host of its very own morning show “Muskarati Morning” which is OnAired TvOne, every morning, Monday to Friday at 9 A.M to 1 P.M. In this show we have different informative segments, each of 15 minutes (approx.)

Sahir Lodhi is one of the most famous personalities and hosts who are admired by many people around the globe. Sahir Lodhi has been winning the hearts of people due to his tremendous acting and directing skills.

Let’s have a look at today’s show

Pehli Baat:

This show started with Sahir Lodhi’s amazing singing performance and it received a huge round of applause from the audience. He also decided to run a campaign against tobacco and mouth/oral cancer. Click the link below to see more:

Exercise and Gym (ABS Workout):

Fatimah Zara Malik shared an amazing ABS Workout/Exercise along with some secret tips, which will help you to get back in your shape!

Beauty Tips:

We had Ghalib and Sabeen with us to discuss very common beauty problems like uneven skin tone reasons and facts. Click the link below to watch more:


In this segment, we discussed how to overcome un-even skin tone by using homemade cream by using simple ingredients. Click the link below to see how to make homemade cream:


Today we had Nazia in our show and she discussed how to do perfect bridal eye makeup along with tips and techniques. Click the link below to see what Nazia taught about bridal eye makeup:


Dr. Tania Sheikh and Dr. Zainab Rizwan came in show to spread awareness about eczema. Click the link below to see what causes eczema, its treatment, it’s worst condition and much more: