In today’s episode of Muskurati Morning hosted by Sahir Ali Lodhi, Nazia Malik, Fatima Zara Malik, and Mathira we had different segments. Continue reading to know what happened in today’s episode.

The show started with its first segment of Muskurati Morning Pehli Baat in which Sahir Lodhi sang a beautiful song and as usual, people admired it.

Then in its second segment, Fatimah Zara Malik taught an amazing Abs workout. Click the link below to see the workout!

Then we had  Humaira Naaz and Shah Nazeer Sahab to discuss tan skin along with a remedy. Click the link below to know more.

As the show Muskurati Morning continues, Nazia Malik gave Soft Make-up tutorial. Watch the video below to know more.


Nazia taught and amazing way of making Tortilla Wrap. Very simple yet delicious. It is worth watching the video below.


In our Sab Drama Hai segment, Sahir Lodhi gave a review of Drama Serial Khushboo Ka Safar. To know more about this Drama Serial, click on the link below

In our Zara Sochiye segment, we talked about many unfair things happening in our surroundings and we need to think about it.

As the show proceeded, we had Humara Aaj Ka Brand segment in which we were introduced to Skincare products. Watch the video to know more about this product.