In today’s episode of Muskurati Morning hosted by Sahir Ali Lodhi and Nazia Malik we had different segments. Continue reading to know what happened in today’s episode.

The show Muskurati Morning started with its first segment Pehli Baat in which Sahir Lodhi sang a beautiful song and as usual, people admired it.

Then in its second segment, Talha Farooq taught an amazing 5 workout without any equipments. Click the link below to see the workout!

Then we had Hammad and Humera in Husan Ka Raaz segment to discuss food that boost your immunity and a recipe to boot your immunity system. Click the link below to know more. This segment is very informative and worth watching.

Then in our Sehat Ka Sawal segment, our popular host, Sahir Lodhi discussed coronavirus with Humera, Dr. Fakhar and Talha. Click the video to know more.

As the show proceeded Nazia Malik gave tips about make up hygiene and eye make up tutorial. It is worth watching the video below.