Aap Ka Sahir 8 March 2018

Aap Ka Sahir 8 March 2018

Watch Aap ka Sahir Morning Show 8 March 2018

Starring : Sahir Lodhi, Amber Faisal, Kiran Khan, Alina Khan

Aap Ka Sahir is a Morning show of TVOne which is well-known in entertainment industry for its quality in Pakistan by TV One Entertainment productions. Enjoy official TVOne Morning show “Aap Ka Sahir” with best dramatic scene, sound and surprise.

He is back. With a box full of ideas that are out of the box! The king of hosting – Sahir Lodhi is back on TVOne, with a brand new show

‘Aap Ka Sahir’. Power packed with new issues, unique advice and fresh solutions in every segment, ye show hai zara hat ke!

March 8, 2018 | 1570 Views