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Maryam Pereira | Episode 16 | TV One Drama | Ahsan Khan – Sadia Khan

Maryam Pereira Episode 16 TV One Drama 6 February 2019

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مریم پریرا ۔۔۔ ظلم کے اندھیروں میں محبت کا چراغ

Starring : Ahsan Khan , Sadia Khan , Emmad Irfani , Rasheed Naz , Ayub Khosa , Simi Raheal, Farhin Iqbal, Laila Zuberi

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Central Idea : Seema Taher Khan
Writer : Riffat Siraj
Script Supervisor : Khalilullah Farooqui
Director : Iqbal Hussain


Young and pretty Maryam is a Christian girl teaching at a local college. Her best friend’s brother Sufiyan loves her madly but Maryam refuses him saying she has a family to support after which he leaves the country. When Ali Khan joins her college as a teacher,he is greatly impressed by Maryam’s principles, her courage and her dignity. Although Ali belongs to a feudal background, he has a very liberal and progressive mind that believes all human beings are equal. He wants to change the thinking of people around him especially the feudal class that opposes the spread of education and awareness of women’s rights. But Ali’s father Hakim Khan is not only a feudal lord but also the head of a land developers and builders group.
Hakim Khan’s cunning partner Sadiq Khan is a lecherous fruit merchant who places before him a lucrative deal of building a big budget commercial project. Sadiq Khan also desires Maryam Pereira and wants to possess her. So he hatches a heinous conspiracy to usurp the Christian colony land which will also place Maryam at his mercy.
But the biggest opponents of this plan are Maryam and Hakim’s own son Ali who is determined to protect his beloved.
Now the battle is on between the forces of Evil and the power of Love and each episode bring more thrills and drama that will keep viewers in suspense from beginning to end.

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