Maryam Pereira Episode 1 Review: Maryam is a character you don’t want to miss!

Sadia khan plays Maryam Pereira with sophistication and we can’t imagine anyone else doing justice to this character.

Sadia Khan as Maryam Pereira


Ever since the teasers went on air audiences were quite intrigued watching Sadia Khan and Ahsan Khan in lead and having watched the first episode yesterday we can’t even wait to watch the next episode.


Maryam Pereira: Thought provoking message


The story of this play revolves around Maryam Pereira, Maryam is a Christian girl teaching at a local college and loves her family and wishes to help her community in every possible way.


Maryam Pereira: Sadia Khan and Emmad Irfani


Written by Riffat Siraj and directed by Iqbal Hussain, Maryam Pereira’s first episode went on air last night we can see fans chanting for more. The drama serial began with Maryam Pereira praying at the church with an assertive speech regarding the Christian community.


Maryam Pereira: Semi Raheal


Maryam Pereira (Sadia Khan) is honestly an emblem of sophistication as she never sees wrong in anyone and loves her mother and siblings very much. A very kind-hearted soul Mayram also has someone very special in life revealed as her best friend’s brother “Sufiyan”, who is a lawyer by profession and a loyal son and brother but the only trouble in his life is loving a Christian girl.



Maryam Pereira: Emmad Irfani


Sufiyan obliges Maryam Periera and proposes her for marriage keeping the difference of community in mind. Although his grandmother is making plans for bringing her other grandchild as his bride. Now, Maryam and Sufiyan are trying their best to make the most of their relationship and end it with a marriage but the situation looks distinct.


Maryam Pereira: Ahsan Khan

Coming back to the first episode, other than Emmad and Sadia’s character there’s Ahsan Khan in the play as well who is Baloch Sardar, although we haven’t had much from him yesterday, Ahsan stepped in at the end of the episode where his father arranged a lavish welcome party to celebrate his graduation. Ahsan Khan is playing Ali who just came back to Karachi completing his education from abroad. However, it was just a glimpse of his entry at the end and more from his character will enfold in the upcoming episodes.

Moreover, there’s a new serial coming up on TvOne “Kasak Rahay Ge” and the intriguing teasers went on air during the breaks. Kasak Rahay Ge features Legendary Actress Sakina Samoo, Adila, and Noor Hasan Rizvi. Although these were some short promos which went on air also the message seems very strong and close to the family system.

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