Mariam Kidnapped – Muhabbat Khel Tamasha Episode 8 Review

In drama serial Muhabbat Khel Tamasha Episode 7, Tania’s brother Waleed has returned and he refused to marry Sikandar’s sister as he is very angry with Sikandar’s refusal. Waleed’s refusal resulted in a quarrel between Sikandar and Waleed. Moreover,Waleed is involved in someone else.


On the other hand, someone attacked Rameez and he got injured. It is suspected that Sikandar was involved in this attack. Coming towards the end of 7th episode, someone has kidnapped Mariam. Sikandar and Mariam’s family is very distrubed.

Let’s see who is involved in this case. Is Sikandar doing so? Did Sikandar attacked Rameez? Will Waleed marry Sikandar’s sister? Will Akbar and Asfand lose their bond due to this issue? Stay tuned for next episode.