Mann Pyasa | Promo 25 -26 | TV One Drama

Mann Pyasa | Promo 25 -26 | TV One Drama

ترا جنوں ہے کہ سوکھے لبوں کی پیاس بجھے
ہے میرا خواب کہ ویراں دلوں میں پھول کھلے

Starring: Mikaal Zulfiqar, Noman Ijaz, Sarwat Gilan and Zhalay Sarhadi.

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Concept By: Seema Taher Khan
Executive Producer: Seema Taher Khan
Written By: Shamim Bazil
Director Script: Khalil ullah Farooqi

Set on a broad canvas, the drama highlighting corruption prevailing in our socio-political system, exploring lives of different characters, and raise serious issues like water shortage and its implications in the society.
The writer, Shamim Bazil, has done a superb job in etching characters that are so relatable – be it fundamentalist politician Zeeshan Shah, revolutionary poet Naveen Shah and bold but determined journalists, Sumaira and Araib.
While they all are playing their part in the betterment of the society they also have their own set of problems. The drama strength lies in the fact how our characters tackle with their personal issues while wonderfully playing their role as a civilized citizen.

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