Lifestyle: Summer Essentials Every Girl Should Keep In Her Bag

Lifestyle: Summer Essentials Every Girl Should Keep In Her Bag

April 14, 2018 | 2372 Views

Summers are back, and we just need a backpack.

Summer bliss, beach days and sunshine awaits us at the corner.

Collecting memories at the river bank, outdoor parties, mint cooler and more. But summers are little more than that isn’t? I am someone who prepares things beforehand and this time summers were just too quick and I didn’t get to fill up my summer bag. So, last night I thought to list down summer essentials every girl should keep in her bag.



Another easy decision. I know these are clear yet that is the reason the title is fundamentals! While local glasses can get you extremely far and their styles are totally charming, there’s something about a quality combination of glasses. I cherish their exemplary styles and the value point doesn’t slaughter the ledger either. Here’s my most loved match!



As a someone who has super-slick skin and heaps of agreeable pimples, I have a tendency to be particular in the sunscreen, particularly with what I rub all over, neck, and chest territories.

I have my own favourites but I can’t recommend you, because ain’t no promotions. Joke.



Adornments, particularly wrist trinkets, are my outright shortcoming. I’m a sucker for stacking eye candy down my whole wrist, it’s an issue companion. In any case, truly, a gem is an incredible method to embellish any shoreline look and give it that additional oomph.


Hair Care:

Keep going on the rundown and certainly not minimum, the basics for self-hair cherish. While we totally adore the mid-year months, our hair won’t have a similar feeling. But, these four hair care products are a must-have.

Summer Spray

Summer Sunshine Serum

Summer Dry Recovery Spray

Summer  Smooth Styling Cream