Khawaja Naveed ki Adalat Starting From 3 Feb 2019 only on Tv One Pakistan

Domestic Battles and Civic Issues on creating high drama in the courtroom; For it is an Awami Adalat. And Khawaja Naveed is in the chair.



Marital Problems, Property Ownership, Child Custody, Business Disputes and many other issues of the common man are immediately resolved and all wrongdoers are put in the dock. Khwaja Naveed ’s vast legal experience offers knowledge of the law to the man on the street while his volley of humorous darts provides much entertainment to families glued to their TV screens. Khawaja Naveed Ki Adalat was airing previously on TvOne,  however, it got discontinued for various reasons now, as the social media and awareness trends are getting towards a brighter era, TvOnePk thought to bring their famous series back so that people get to know the real need to tackle the situation inside the courtroom.


Promo 1| Khawaja Naveed Ki Adalat

#Promoمعاشرے میں ہونے والے ہر ظلم ،بیوی کی صدا،بوڑھے باپ کی فریاد،بہو کی روداد،شوہر کی کتھا، بہن کی خواہش اب ملے گا سب کو فوری انصاف خواجہ نوید کی عدالت سےصرف ٹی وی ون پر#KhawajaNaveedKiAdalat starting from Sunday 3rd February at 8:00pm only onTv One Pakistan #Court #Legal #Justice #TvOnePk.For more videos visit our Youtube Channel:

Posted by Khawaja Naveed Ki Adalat on Wednesday, January 23, 2019