Juda Na Hona | Episode 16 | TV One Drama 10 June 2019
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Juda Na Hona | Episode 16 | TV One Drama

Juda Na Hona Episode 16 TV One Drama

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Cast : Shahroz Sabzwari , Mansha Pasha, Firdous Jamal, Tara Mehmood, Humera Bano, Maryam Noor



Samaha often rebels against the conservative atmosphere created by her religious father in the house. Later she meets Sudais, a student who comes from a modern, liberal home and they fall in love.

Both families oppose this match because of the difference in their backgrounds. Samaha is thrown out of the house by her father but Sudais’s family does not accept her either.

Now begins a cycle of struggle, rejection, hardships and tears.

If Sudais marries Samaha how will he support her?

Will the families ever forgive them?

Will Samaha’s father accept responsibility for this tragedy?

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